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Student Employment

Pay Day

Student employees are paid every other Friday on a bi-weekly schedule. Click on the "Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar" tab for further details.

Direct Deposit Notification

On pay day, student employees who are receiving a direct deposit of pay will receive an email in their university email account from the Payroll Office. A copy of the employee's direct deposit advice will be attached to the email. The attachment is a password protected, encrypted PDF document.  

Paper Checks

In the event that a employee is receiving a paper check, their check will be available for pick-up on the pay day in the Accounts Payable Department (106 Phillips Hall) provided that the employee presents a valid photo ID.

Student FICA Exemption

Student employees who are enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours in fall or spring semesters and 3 credit hours in the summer) are exempt from paying FICA taxes.  However, any student who is also a full-time employee of the university is not exempt from paying FICA tax.  In this situation, the individual's major function is deemed to be that of a full-time employee, and therefore is not exempt.

Student Employment Paperwork

Supervisors are responsible for all student employees hired to work in their department and making sure all necessary paperwork is completed prior to the first day of work on-campus. Click on the "Student Employees" tab for further details.

Students pay may be delayed if the forms listed below are not completed and processed with the Human Resources and Student Payroll Service Center.

  • Student Employment Contract
  • Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • W-4  Federal Tax Form
  • NC-4 State Tax Form
  • Direct Deposit Form

Student Employment Policies

Student Employment - Work Hour Limits

Student employees can hold one or more jobs on campus. It is recommended that the total hours worked each week should not exceed 20 hours (inclusive of all jobs secured on-campus) during the academic semesters. During semester breaks and the summer, the hours worked can NOT exceed 40 hours per week (inclusive of all jobs secured on-campus). Student employees are not eligible to work overtime, receive comp time or holiday premium pay. For more information, please contact the Career Center at 828.251.6515.

Student Employment - Wages

The minimum hourly wage is $7.25. Student employees can earn between $7.25 - $10.00 an hour, special permission is required for wages over $10.00 an hour. For more information, please contact the Career Center at 828.251.6515.

Web Time Entry Online Time Sheet

Hourly Rate - Student Employees

Student employees are responsible for entering hours worked during each bi-weekly pay period on the WTE online time sheet in OnePort. Completed online time sheets must be submitted to their supervisor by 5:00 PM on the Monday after the pay period ends on Sunday. Refer to the "Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar" for pay periods, deadlines and pay dates.

If the student employees misses the deadline for submitting their WTE online time sheet to their supervisor, they must complete a "Late Time Sheet" form and submit to the Payroll Office as soon as possible. Late time sheets received in the Payroll Office after the 12 Noon Tuesday deadline will be processed on the next payroll cycle.

Stipend - Student Employees

The flat rate payments are set up in the Banner Payroll system to pay automatically on the pay dates. You are not required to enter hours worked on WTE online time sheet.

Supervisors of Student Employees

Supervisors are responsible for approving all student employees WTE online time sheets in a timely manner by 12 Noon on the Tuesday after the pay period ends on Sunday. Refer to the "Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar" for pay periods, deadlines, and pay dates.

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