Voluntary Deductions

The Payroll Department processes a variety of voluntary deductions for permanent employees. Some of these deductions are “tax deferred” which means they are exempt from Federal and State Withholding taxes. Some deductions are “pre-tax” which means they are exempt from FICA/Medicare tax as well as Federal and State Withholding taxes. Please consult the table below.

Short description on pay stubLong descriptionFICA exempt?Federal & State exempt?Contact about enrollment
PP70/30MMedical Insurance 70/30 PlanyesyesHuman Resources
PP80/20MMedical Insurance 80/20 PlanyesyesHuman Resources
DentalMNC Flex Dental InsuranceyesyesHuman Resources
VisionMNC Flex VisionyesyesHuman Resources
CancerMNC Flex CanceryesyesHuman Resources
FSAMedFlexible Spending Account – MedicalyesyesHuman Resources
DepCareFlexible Spending Account – Dependent CareyesyesHuman Resources
AccPlnMNC Flex Accident PlanyesyesHuman Resources
ADDMAccidental Death & DismembermentyesyesHuman Resources
Core ADDCore Accidental Death & Dismemberment (no cost to employee)nonoHuman Resources
TermLifeGroup Term Life Insurance**Human Resources
CritIllMCritical Illness – Employee**Human Resources
CritIllEESpCritical Illness – Employee & Spouse**Human Resources
CritEEChCritical Illness – Employee & Child(ren)**Human Resources
CrEEFMCritical Illness – Employee & Family**Human Resources
ParkingMParking FeenonoCampus Police
403B T/C403b TIAA/CREFnoyesHuman Resources
403B Fid403b FidelitynoyesHuman Resources
DefCompDeferred Comp NC 457noyesHuman Resources
401KNC 401knoyesHuman Resources
LibMut LLiberty Mutual Disability InsurancenonoHuman Resources
StanDisMThe Standard Disability InsurancenonoHuman Resources
SEANCInsSEANC InsurancenonoHuman Resources
SEADuesMSEANC DuesnonoHuman Resources
SEA PACSEANC EPACnonoHuman Resources
NCPSWUNC Public Service Workers UnionnonoHuman Resources
AFLACAFLAC InsurancenonoHuman Resources
GTLCHGroup Term Life – Dependent Children – Post TaxnonoHuman Resources
GTLSPGroup Term Life – Spouse – Post TaxnonoHuman Resources
Roth T/CRoth 403b TIAA/CREFnonoHuman Resources
RothNC457Roth NC Deferred 457 Post TaxnonoHuman Resources
Roth FidRoth 403b FidelitynonoHuman Resources
Roth401kRoth NC401knonoHuman Resources
RothLoanRoth NC 401K Loan RepaymentnonoHuman Resources
401KLoan401K Loan RepaymentnonoHuman Resources
457 Loan457 Loan RepaymentnonoHuman Resources
Ath SeTkAthletics Season TicketsnonoAthletics
NCCombNC Combined CampaignnonoCampus Campaign
Char 1University FoundationnonoAdvancement Office
CoFndNCCollege Foundation of NCnonoHuman Resources
NCSECUNC State Employees Credit UnionnonoState Employees Credit Union
PkFineParking FinenonoCampus Police
EE LoanKarpen Loan – Principal Payment OnlynonoHuman Resources
InterestKarpen Loan – Interest Payment OnlynonoHuman Resources

* = If this deduction falls above the taxes on the pay stub, it is exempt from FICA, Federal and State taxes. If this deduction falls below the taxes on the pay stub, the deduction is made post-tax.