Dual Employment

The dual employment policy is a state-wide uniform policy to be followed when one state agency secures the services of an employee of another state agency on a part-time, consulting or contractual basis.

Dual Employment Definitions

Parent Agency

A parent agency is the state department, agency, or institution having control over the services of the employee, and from which the employee receiveds his/her regular pay check.

Borrowing Agency

A borrowing agency is the state department, agency, or institution seeking on a temporary or part-time basis the services of an employee of another state agency.


All payments for services must be made by the borrowing agency directly to the parent agency of the employee borrowed, and not to the employee.

Individuals employed by another state agency who are working at UNC Asheville:

Individuals currently employed by another state agency cannot be paid directly by UNC Asheville.

A Dual Employment form must be submitted to the Finance Department. An Accounts Payable check will remitted to the employee’s parent agency. The employee will be paid by the parent agency following the receipt of payment from UNC Asheville.

Please go to the Forms page for the Dual Employment Form.

UNC Asheville employees working for another state agency:

The borrowing agency must fill out a Dual Employment form and remit payment to UNC Asheville.  After receipt of payment and approval of the Dual Employment form by the UNC Asheville Budget Manager, the employee will receive payment for their dual employment in the next scheduled pay cycle.

UNC Asheville employees do not receive any retirement benefits on dual employment.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding dual employment can be found in the NC Office of State Human Resources Policy Manual.