Student Employment

Looking for on-campus student employment? Visit the Career Center for more information.


Student employees are paid every other Friday on a bi-weekly schedule. Visit the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar page for further details.

Direct Deposit Notification

On payday, student employees who are receiving a direct deposit of pay will receive an email in their University email account from the Payroll Office. A copy of the employee’s direct deposit advice will be attached to the email. The attachment is a password-protected, encrypted PDF document. Instructions for constructing the password are in the email.

Paper Checks

In the event an employee is receiving a paper check, the check will be placed in the mail to that employee on the payday.

Student FICA Exemption

Undergraduate student employees who are enrolled at least half-time (6 credit hours in Fall or Spring semesters and 3 credit hours in the summer) are exempt from paying FICA taxes. However, any student who is also a full-time employee of the University is not exempt from paying FICA tax. In this situation, the individual’s major function is deemed to be that of a full-time employee and therefore is not exempt.

Student Employment Paperwork

Supervisors are responsible for making sure that all student employees hired to work in their department have completed all necessary paperwork prior to the first day of work on-campus. All forms listed below are available on our Forms page.

Students’ pay might be delayed if the forms listed below are not completed and processed with the Human Resources and Student Payroll Service Center.

Student Employment Policies

Student Employment Policy

Student employment at UNC Asheville is intended to be educationally and financially helpful while providing students with valuable work experience. UNC Asheville’s Student Employment Policy provides uniform and equitable standards for the campus employment of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UNC Asheville.

Student Employment – Work Hour Limits

Student employees can hold one or more jobs on campus. Per the Student Employment Policy, student employees are capped at a maximum of 28 work hours (inclusive of all jobs secured on-campus) per week during the academic semesters (some exceptions apply) . During semester breaks and the summer, the hours worked cannot exceed 40 hours per week (inclusive of all jobs secured on-campus). Student employees are not eligible to work overtime, receive comp time or holiday premium pay. For more information, please contact the Career Center at 828.251.6515.

Student Employment – Wages

The minimum hourly wage is $7.25. Student employees can earn more than $7.25/hour at your discretion. When paying students a flat rate or stipend for their work, ensure that they are being paid a minimum of $7.25/hour for their work. For more information, please contact the Career Center at 828.251.6515.

Student Employment – Confidentiality Statement

As a student employee of UNC Asheville, you may have access to information that is made confidential by federal law, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1232g, or state law, such as the Personnel Files section of the N.C. State Personnel Act, N.C.G.S. §§ 126-22 through -30, or other University rules or regulations. It is imperative that you maintain the confidentiality of that information. All members of the UNC Asheville Community have the right to expect that all other members, in whatever role they may function, will respect their privacy and never disclose information in an inappropriate manner. The University needs to rely on your adherence to this principle. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in your termination from this job and other disciplinary actions. I understand and agree with the above statement.

Web Time Entry Online Time Sheet

Hourly Rate – Student Employees

Student employees are responsible for entering hours worked during each bi-weekly pay period on the Web Time Entry (WTE) online time sheet in OnePort. Completed online time sheets must be submitted to their supervisor no later than 1 minute before midnight on the last day of the bi-weekly pay period (always a Sunday). Refer to the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for pay periods, deadlines and pay dates.

If the student employee misses the deadline for submitting their WTE online time sheet to their supervisor, they must complete a Late Time Sheet form (found here) and submit it to the Payroll Office as soon as possible. Late time sheets (that are completed correctly) will be processed in the pay period in which they are received.

Visit the Web Time Entry page for more details.

Stipend – Student Employees

Student Employees who are receiving a stipend or flat rate payment do not need to record time worked on the online time sheet system. These payments are set up in the Banner Payroll system to pay automatically on the designated pay dates.

Supervisors of Hourly Student Employees

Supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving all hourly employees’ WTE time sheets in a timely manner by 5 PM on the Tuesday after the pay period ends. Refer to the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar for pay periods, deadlines, and pay dates.