FFCR & NC COVID Admin Leave

Message from Human Resources (email sent on June 29, 2020):

(COVID-19 updates from Human Resources)

Update on Paid Administrative Leave for July

The UNC System Office recently issued guidance on the work and leave provisions effective July 1 until revised or rescinded.  The July 1 guidance is very similar to the June provisions, with one important change:

Following the guidelines established by OSHR, the amount of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave employees may use will be reduced to 1/3 (down from 2/3) of an employee’s pay once FFCRA benefits are exhausted. Employees may use any accrued personal leave to make up the difference. This 1/3 pay is provided for absences due to:

  • ongoing child care needs (after Expanded Family & Medical Leave is exhausted),
  • ongoing elder care needs, and
  • absences of employees who cannot telework.

If an employee has exhausted their leave, they may use up to 80 hours of pandemic makeup leave (i.e., leave that must be made up within 12 months) to make up the difference.

Message from Human Resources (email sent on June 7, 2020):

(COVID-19 updates from Human Resources)

HR is providing a quick reminder about the UNC System pandemic leave provisions that went into effect on June 1.  While administrative leave will still be available for some employees, the eligibility and how much will be paid has changed. Please carefully review the below information.

The revised Administrative Leave COVID-19 provisions:

  • Reduce the amount of paid administrative leave to two-thirds regular pay. Eligible employees can supplement the remaining one-third with any other accrued leave. Compensatory time, if available, must be used first before other types of leave.
  • Modify who may or may not use administrative leave, beginning June 1.

Continued use of paid administrative leave:

  • Eligible employees may continue to use the modified pandemic paid administrative leave if:
  • They cannot telework due to the nature of their jobs.
  • They are providing eldercare due to an eldercare facility being closed because of COVID-19. (Please note: Childcare is covered in FFCRA.)
  • For the first few weeks in June, employees who are considered high risk or caring for a high risk individual can continue to receive paid administrative leave – watch for more information coming from HR this week.

The UNC Guidelines for June do not provide employees paid administrative leave when:

  • Eligible FFCRA situations, such as childcare needs, apply.
  • Employees are temporary or student workers. These workers will no longer be eligible for this administrative leave and will only be paid for hours worked, either onsite or teleworking.
  • They are considered a high-risk individual or are caring for a high-risk individual. However, for the first few weeks in June, employees may continue to receive paid administrative while a process for requesting considerations or accommodations is finalized.

Use of leave guidelines:

  • Compensatory time, if available, must be used first before any other leave. Through Dec. 31, 2020, all employees, regardless of whether they are using the modified administrative leave benefits, may use accrued compensatory time, sick leave, vacation leave and bonus leave interchangeably.

Leave Reporting:

  • Effective June 1, 2020, employees can no longer use the “Other Leave Taken” line to report Paid Administrative Leave but will need to begin reporting “NC COVID Admin Leave” instead. More details regarding leave reporting will be forthcoming from Payroll, so be watching for that separate communication.

Message from Payroll (email sent on June 7, 2020):

As a companion to the earlier email sent by Human Resources (Reminders Related to Staff Leave Reports), this communication is intended to provide you with additional information on how to complete your leave reports beginning June 1st.  IMPORTANT: This email only provides information on how to record time off due to COVID–19.  There have been no changes in how you typically record your time worked or leave taken.

The UNC System provisions for pandemic paid administrative leave changes effective June 1, 2020.  Key changes that affect your leave report are as follows:

  1. After 05/31/2020 you will no longer enter time not worked due to COVID-19  as “Other Leave Taken.”
  2. Paid administrative leave (now called NC COVID Paid Administrative Leave or NC COVID Admin Leave) is available only for the following situations:
    a) You do not have work either onsite or remotely (teleworking) sufficient to cover your regular 40 hours per week (pro-rated for part-time employees).

b) You are entitled to the “eldercare” benefit offered by the State.  IMPORTANT: You must apply, and be approved, for this benefit by Human Resources prior to recording time off.

c) You have formally applied for other COVID-19 leave through Human Resources (HR) but have not received a decision as of the leave report submission deadline.

3. If you have applied for and received approval from HR for FFCRA leave, please consult your notification email on how to record your time not working. Otherwise, do not enter time off in the following leave categories:

a) FFCR Sick/Self 1.0 (HR Appr)

b) FFCR Sick/Other .67 (HR Appr)

c) FFCR FMLA .67 (HR Appr)

Please note: You are required to enter a comment with the reason you are taking NC COVID Admin Leave.

All pandemic paid administrative leave (with the exception of FFCRA approved emergency paid sick leave for yourself) is paid at two thirds (2/3) of your regular pay. We will apply your personal accrued leave to cover the remaining third (1/3), so that you receive 100% of your regular pay. Any accrued comp time will be applied first. If no comp time is available, sick leave will be applied unless otherwise notified.