Supervisors of Student Employees


Once you have hired a student to work in your department, a Student Employment Contract must be completed and submitted to the Student Payroll Service Center in 115 Phillips Hall. Please ensure your student employees understand their responsibilities before signing the contract. A copy of the contract should be kept in your department since it is a legal binding agreement between you and the student.

The contract is used to set up the student's job in the Banner Payroll system. A separate contract must be completed for each job, whether the student is to be paid an hourly rate or stipend.

In addition to the contract, new student employees must complete the following forms: Form I-9, W-4, NC-4 and Direct Deposit forms in order to be set up in the Banner Payroll system. The contract and forms must be completed prior to or on the first day of work. Refer to the Student Employees page for more detailed information.

Student Employment Contract

Student Employment Contract (available on the Forms page) must be completed for each job a student holds on campus for every academic year.

Student Employment Change Form

The supervisor is responsible for submitting a Student Employment Change Form (available on the Forms page) to the Student Payroll Service Center if any of the following events occur:

  1. A student's job is terminated prior to the end date on the contract.

  2. The funding source for a job changes.

  3. The hourly pay rate or stipend amount changes.

Student Employment Dates

Student employment contracts cannot exceed 12 calendar months.  The start and end dates on a student employment contract drive the payments for the  Banner Payroll system and are used to open the WTE online time sheet in OnePort so that hourly rate student employees can report the hours worked. 

Start and end dates on contracts can vary depending on the needs of the department, however, there are some guidelines that must be followed:

  • For non-Federal Work Study positions, the end date on these contracts cannot go past a student's graduation date.
  • For Federal Work Study positions, contract start dates cannot begin prior to the first day of classes and end dates cannot go beyond the last day of exams.  Please see the chart below.
   Semesters Federal Work Study   Student Employees - Start Date Federal Work Study   Student Employees - End Date

  Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

   August 21, 2017

   May 9, 2018

  Fall 2017 only

   August 21, 2017

   December 13, 2017

  Spring 2018 only

   January 16, 2018

   May 9, 2018

Payment Types

Hourly Rate Student Employees

Student Employees are paid an hourly rate based on how many hours they work per day. The start and end dates on the contract play a crucial part in the Banner Payroll system and when the online time sheet is available in OnePort for student employees to record their hours worked. 

Stipend Student Employees

Student employees are paid a flat rate for a job, project, or internship on the same bi-weekly schedule as an hourly rate job. Stipends can be paid in one pay period or multiple consecutive pay periods. The contract must indicate the pay periods in which the employee is to be paid.

Payroll Request

When students are paid a stipend on an intermittent schedule, the supervisor must fill out a Payroll Request Form in addition to the Student Employment Contract. The Payroll Request Form must be submitted to the Student Payroll Service Center, 115 Phillips Hall, a few days prior to the end of the pay period. The form must indicate the payment amount and when the student is to be paid.  The Payroll Request Form can be found on the Forms page.

Web Time Sheets

Approving Web Time Sheets and setting up Proxies

Supervisors of hourly employees are responsible for approving their employees' time sheets by the approvers deadline which is outlined on the Bi-Weekly Calendar (see the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar page). Supervisors are strongly encouraged to set up one or more Proxies who can approve Web time sheets in their absence. See the PowerPoint below for detailed instructions on how navigate and approve Web Time Sheets as well as how to set up Proxies.