W-2 Electronic Consent

The UNC Asheville Payroll Department is pleased to announce that employees may elect to receive their W‐2 statements online through Banner Self Service in an IRS approved PDF format. This allows you to print and send the online form with your tax return.

UNC Asheville is required by the IRS to furnish all employees with a form W‐2 for each calendar year. The form W‐2 details the employee’s compensation, tax withholdings and required disclosures for the year. In the past, employees have received paper copies of their W‐2.

An employee who consents to receiving the Form W-2 electronically will not receive a paper copy.  If an employee does not consent, Payroll will mail a paper W-2 no later than January 31, 2021 via the US Postal Service to the current address on record.

Payroll will mail form W-2, using the US Postal Service, to the current address on record of those employees who have separated from UNC Asheville.

For additional information or questions, contact us at: payroll@unca.edu or 828.250.2389

Benefits of Receiving Form W‐2 Electronically

  • Online delivery provides access to the W‐2 statement earlier than the traditional paper process.
  • Online delivery eliminates the chance that the W‐2 statement will get lost, misdirected or delayed during delivery or misplaced after the employee receives it.
  • Employees can retrieve their W‐2 statements at any time of day and on weekends.
  • Employees can print multiple copies at their convenience.
  • Employees are contributing to cost savings (forms, printing and postage expense).
  • W‐2 statements will remain online for multiple years.

Federal regulations require that employees give their consent to receive the W-2 in an electronic format. Once consent is given it carries forward each year and does not need to be repeated.

How to View and Print Your Electronic W-2

The process to view and print the electronic W-2 version is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • From the UNC Asheville homepage, click on OnePort
  • Enter username and password and login (secure access login)
  • Click on Employee Main Menu link in the Quick Links Section
  • Click on Tax Forms
  • Click on W-2 Wage and Tax Statement
  • Click the appropriate Tax Year to view
  • Click Display

To create Federal and State acceptable copies of your W-2 to send in with your taxes, use the Printable W-2 button at the bottom of the Display page. This will take you to the actual W-2 form. Print the form from this screen.

Important Reminder: These documents contain your social security number, which you will want to protect to help prevent identity theft. Employees are advised to not leave their computer screen unattended when viewing W-2 forms. Also, be sure to retrieve the printed copy promptly if routed to a network printer shared by others.

We are currently unable to offer the option of downloading W-2 tax information directly into tax software. If you are using a tax software package, you will have to enter the W-2 data manually.