Web Time Entry

Time sheets

Web Time Entry (WTE), which is accessed through OnePort, is the online time sheet reporting system used by hourly rate employees and their supervisors. WTE allows employees to record time worked on a daily basis. Supervisors can monitor the progress of online time sheets as well as review time sheet history. At the end of each bi-weekly pay period, the Payroll Department processes for payment all approved WTE online time sheets from that time period.  

Student Employees

Hourly Rate Student Employees

Student employees are responsible for entering hours worked during each bi-weekly pay period through the WTE online time sheet system. Employees must access (open) and submit their WTE time sheet prior to midnight on the last day of the bi-weekly period, otherwise, they will be locked out of their time sheet. Refer to the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar page for pay periods, deadlines, and pay dates.

The WTE Student Employee PowerPoint provides detailed navigation instructions for OnePort login, entering hours worked, and submitting the WTE online time sheet.

Late Time Sheet Form

In the event that a student employee does not submit their online time sheet by the deadline, or does not record all of their hours worked, must complete a Late Time Sheet Form and submit it to the Payroll department. Note: Only record work hours not approved in OnePort on the late time sheet. Late time sheets will be processed on the next payroll cycle. 

Supervisors of Student Employees

Approvers and Proxies

Supervisors are responsible for approving all student employees' WTE online time sheets by 5 PM on the Tuesday after the pay period ends. In the event you are unavailable to approve the online time sheets by the deadline, you must designate a proxy to act on your behalf. You are responsible for setting up your proxy in OnePort. Click here to find out find out where the proxy set up option is located in OnePort.

Refer to the Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar page for pay periods, deadlines and pay dates.

Checking Time Sheets for Accuracy

Remember, the time sheet is a legal document. When reviewing a student's time sheet, please check the following:

  • Both the days and hours that the student employee reports as being worked must be accurate
  • As of December 2018, all student time sheets will be set up as "time in, time out" in OnePort. This means that the student employee will select their work start time and end time from a drop-down menu in their WTE Time sheet.
  • For employees who have time sheets that have not yet been converted to "time in, time out," they will need to enter the total hours of work on each day worked (do not enter 0 on days not worked). The hours worked must be rounded to the nearest quarter hour and expressed in decimal form (15 minutes = .25 hours, 30 minutes = .50 hours, 45 minutes = .75 hours). Rounding errors are common and they will make the payroll process fail, so please review all timesheets before approving them. Click here to learn how to correct rounding errors.
  • Pay attention to university holidays...if a student records that they worked that day, the information might not be correct.